Boy Scout Troop 94  
 Yorktown, VA

Current Year Campouts

Every year in August, Troop 94 conducts an annual planning meeting where the scouts decide what campouts and other activities they would like to hold for the following year. Some campouts are favorites and the scouts choose to hold them every year (such as the Appalachian Trail hike) while other campouts vary from year to year as the scouts explore new kinds of activities (like Aviation).   

  • You can look at the annual calendar at a glance to see everything that is planned for this year.
  • You can navigate the pages on the Camping menu to see the latest planning details for events held this year. If the campout was held in prior years, you will see those details at the bottom of each page as well.
  • You can see details of other kinds of campouts held in prior years at Past Campouts.
  • You can see the variety of campouts and activities held in past years at Old Calendars.