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Troop 94 Annual Plan

Each year in late summer, Troop 94 scouts gather for an annual planning meeting where they decide what major campouts they want to hold during the next school year (September - August). The resulting annual plan serves as our baseline master plan for event planning by month, and different adult leaders volunteer to organize each event, along with the scout POC for the event. 

As the dates and details are finalized, all of the latest information, including sign-ups, information sheets and permission forms, are communicated with our registered scouts/parents through Scoutbook, and up-to-the-minute alerts on arrival times and/or last minute changes are shared using the Remind app/texting service. 

Here are all the great trips Troop 94 is taking in 2021-2022!

(Health and safety of our Scouts and leaders is our priority - all trips are planned in compliance with local health guidelines.)
Check out the highlights from our trips throughout the year on our Facebook page.

October 2021

Appalachian Trail Backpacking Campout
@ The Priest

A Troop 94 tradition, our Scouts train for and complete a 12-15 mile hike up to the summit of "The Priest" in western Virginia- a great experience where scouts and adults alike often learn they can do things they did not think they could do, and an opportunity to work toward Hiking Merit Badge.

November 2021

Thanksgiving in the Woods 
Recruiting Campout
@ Newport News Park 

On this annual tradition, we welcome all of our families as well as Arrow of Light scouts and their families to join us for a fantabulous Thanksgiving dinner, prepared over open flame - food always tastes better outdoors! This year the Scouts have planned orienteering & geocaching for their entertainment.

December 2021

Gaming / Wimp-out Campout
@ Peninsula Community Chapel

Because after being back to in-person school for the first time in over a year, decompressing with your buds with video games and pizza is the perfect way to wrap up the year. (COVID conditions permitting)

January 2022

Snowsports Campout
@ Wintergreen Resort

Targeting Martin Luther King Day Weekend to allow three days of skiing, snowboarding and tubing, with opportunity to earn Snowsports Merit Badge.  

February 2022

Troop & District Lumberjack Campouts
@ Goochland, Virginia & Endview Plantation

This year the plan is to train up at a Troop lumberjack campout, and then head off to compete at the Historic Trail Council lumberjack event where the Scouts go head to head with other Troops in the area in various Lumberjack related events. Like how fast you can cut a tree down. Boys... axes... What could go wrong?

March 2022

Urban Hike Campout
@ Washington, DC

Back by popular demand, they Scouts have planned a return to Washington, DC for an "urban hike" adventure. They plan to complete the Baden-Powell Hike sponsored by the National Capital Area Council, which is sort of like a scavenger hunt that will take them on the Metro to several monuments and other tourist sites that (who knew?) have surprising Scouting related ties.

April 2022 

Orientation Campout
@ Newport News Park

This campout will review basic camping skills, serving as an annual refresher for older boys and an orientation for our new Scouts who have just crossed over - designed to help them work on requirements to make their first rank in scouting.

May 2022

Aviation Campout
@ Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach

Another back by popular demand event! The Scouts have planned a return to the Military Aviation Museum out in Virginia Beach to work on Aviation Merit Badge - a highlight is getting a private flight in a GA aircraft!

June 2022

BSA Summer Camp

Our older Scouts typically do a high adventure camp every other year, and 2021 was a big trip to Philmont so.... that means 2022 will be a year to have ALL our Scouts together at camp! Stay tuned as they investigate their options for a traditional week of camp activities somewhere west of us where it will be cooler in the mountains.

July 2022

Grayson Highlands / Rafting Campout
@ Southwest Virginia / West Virginia

Since we are not doing a BSA high adventure camp this year, the boys have elected to plan a nearly week long campout that combines backpacking and white water rafting. Should be an adventure!

August 2022

Beach Campout
@ Cape Fear

When you live in Tidewater, its almost a rite of passage to spend a weekend at the beach and on the waterways that feed the Chesapeake Bay. The boys want to do a little of everything - kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, fishing, and even a little hiking.

September 2022

Shooting Campout
@ Lafayette Gun Club

After finally filling their first ever shooting campout in September 2021 to max capacity, the boys are bringing the shooting sports campout back again this year so more of our scouts can try their hand at pistol and rifle shooting.

Past Campouts

Some of our camping trips are annual traditions, while others vary from year to year depending on the interests of the boys. Some of our past camp outs include: 

  • Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE) Camp out 
  • Aviation Camp out 
  • Lumberjack Camp out 
  • Iron Chef Camp out
  • Beach Camp out 
  • Gettysburg Civil War Camp out 
  • Philmont High Adventure 
  • Native American Camp out
  • Pumpkin Chunkin' Camp out
  • 50 mile Float Camp out
  • Caving Camp out
  • High Ropes Camp out