Boy Scout Troop 94  
 Yorktown, VA

High Ropes Campout - May 4-6, 2018

POC: Jim Greenwald  with Kara Guthrie, Tanya Ellingsworth

Scout POC: TBD

It’s time for one of your favorite campouts! Sign up ASAP because I need a firm headcount before the end of the week. Don’t wait til the next meeting to sign up! 

May 4-6, we’ll be camping at Ft. Story and spending a day in the treetops at the Virginia Adventure Park! (Insert Tarzan yell here)

We know our scouts love to climb (Adults too)! This activity is super fun! ALL Boy Scouts meet the minimum age/weight requirements. The climbing harnesses are the safest I’ve ever seen – you physically cannot unclip yourself except when you are safely on the ground. See the website for other questions.

Total cost is $60 for scouts and adults who climb. Adults who don’t climb will be $25. (Drivers - deduct $5 from the above totals and submit gas receipts)
The cost covers: climbing fee, campsite, gas, and food. We’ll leave May 4 from CTK at 5 pm and return May 6 to Tabb Elementary at 1030.

I reserved 20 climbing slots. If we need more than that, I need to know ASAP. I’ll have a sign up sheet at tonight’s meeting, but DON’T WAIT til then – I’ll take your info via reply, text, phone call, whatever. Just give me your name and whether you’re climbing. Adults, let me know if you plan to drive, and whether you have a military ID.

Last detail: the Adventure Park requires an online waiver be signed before the event by a parent/guardian. No waiver? No climb. Yes, this is in addition to the standard BSA consent form (attached) Here’s the link – it takes 5 minutes.

I need your money, the attached consent form, and your online waiver before we leave.

Questions? Sign up soon!