Boy Scout Troop 94  
 Yorktown, VA

Recruiting Campout - November 16-18, 2018

POCs: Michelle Kinsey

The Recruiting Campout is scheduled for 16-18 November at the Bethel Recreation Area. The recruiting campout is an annual favorite for both scouts and parents and is a great opportunity to invite a friend to come along and experience what Scouting has to offer. The highlight of the weekend is our "Thanksgiving in the Woods" Feast complete with turkey and all the trimmings. 

Below is the agenda from last year's Recruiting Campout weekend - to be updated for this year.

5:00 PM - Meet at Christ the King to gather troop equipment and pack the trailer
5:45 PM - Depart Christ the King enroute to Bethel Recreation Area
6:00 PM - Arrive at Bethel Recreation Area and set up camp for the night
8:00 PM - Evening cracker barrel and PLC meeting to review plan for Saturday
10:00 PM - Quiet hours

7:00 AM - Wake up and begin breakfast by patrol
9:00 AM - Hike to the Battle of Big Bethel memorial
11:00 AM - Return to camp for lunch
1:00 PM - Fire building class and competition arranged by patrols
2:00 PM - Compass and orienteering challenge
3:00 PM - Field sports (tug of war, steal the bacon, volleyball)
4:30 PM - Return to camp for dinner preparation
6:00 PM - Thanksgiving Feast
9:00 PM - PLC meeting to review plan for Sunday departure
10:00 PM - Quiet hours

7:00 AM - Wake up and begin breakfast by patrol
9:00 AM - Tear down camp and pack up to depart

Recruiting Campout - Nov 17-19, 2017